Catch The Sneek Peak For A New Episode Of Sam & Cat: Lumpatious


Are you ready for this weekend?! You should be because Sam & Cat returns for an all new episode this Saturday on Nickelodeon.

In the new episode, Lumpatious, Sam and Cat try to get their new word, “lumpatious,” into the dictionary after they think it’s actually a real word. However, the Oxford English Dictionary has some strict rules on what they will allow in the pages of their dictionary.  Don’t miss the new episode premieres this Saturday, January 11th at 8/7c. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek video of the episode below and let us know what you think by commenting!  Meanwhile, the upcoming iCarly and Victorious crossover reunion episode finally has a release date. The episode features the return of Matt Bennett, Nathan Kress and Liz Gillies who played Robbie, Freddy and Jade, respectively.

The episode, titled “#The Great Tuna Jump: Reunion Special,” is scheduled to air on January 18, 2014. The episode will features the return of Freddie, Robbie and Jade. The official plot summary as revealed by J14, reads: “When Sam meets Cat’s friend Jade from Hollywood Arts, Sam and Jade become friends, leaving Cat feeling a little left out. Taking some questionable advice from Nona, Cat decides to retaliate by ‘stealing’ a friend of Sam’s–and it’s Freddie Benson! As Cat tries to get cozy with Freddie, Sam finds out and goes after a friend of Cat’s– Robbie Shapiro! The jealousy comes to a crashing climax at Fisherman’s Wharf, where Dice has hired Sam to jump her motorcycle over a tank full of vicious man-biting tuna.”  What do you think about this?

Source News:  Teen Info Net

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