Snoopy And The Peanuts Characters Christmas Flash Mob In New York City


Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts characters got together in New York City this month for a flash mob!

The holiday themed dance delighted the people in the city who were walking by when it happened.  In the video below you can watch as Snoopy and his friends reenact a scene from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Too cute!  This Snoopy flash mob came in full costumes including Schroeder with his miniature piano and Linus with that blanket that he goes nowhere with. The mob did crazy moves to the music that multiple generations grew up with and they put the Christmas spirit in the air.  On a snowy sidewalk in New York City, the music began to play —  complete with Schroeder on piano and Pig-Pen on double bass — and each character did his or her own dance move for a couple of minutes.   Smiling passersby stopped to take photos and watch the Peanuts gang appear in real life.   The flash mob was organized by tech site Mashable for some fun discovering “what happens when you bring the iconic dance scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas to life.”

Few things compare to A Charlie Brown Christmas during the holiday season. There’s just something completely comforting and endearing about the Peanuts characters, and the specials inspire a sense of nostalgia in pretty much anyone who watches them at any age.   What do you think about this?

Source News: Disney Dreaming

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