Olivia Holt Reminds Fans of True Gifts in Life


Olivia Holt is big on family and sharing the goods of life, which are easily over looked most of the time. However, she did want to remind fans that family counts more than gifts under a tree or anything else along those lines. So she wrote up a lovely message to remind her fans about the real passion for the holidays and what truly counts when it comes down to value. Here is what she wrote.

peace & love to you this Christmas! it’s not the presents under the tree, but your love that means so much. thank you. #merrychristmas

She always has such wise words from someone so young! I hope her fans heed her words of wisdom, especially when it comes to what counts such as family. While she likely sees more value in them than most teens her age due to her work making her stay away. However, I think that just makes her thoughts all that much more important at this time than anyone else.

How do you feel about Olivia Holt’s words of wisdom to her fans?

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