Ian Somerhalder Spending Holiday Break in China


Ian Somerhalder has been working hard to promote his ISF and that has taken him around the world. So it came as no surprise that he was going to China to see what they are up too. While he didn’t share why he was going there, we all can expect it has something to do with his ISF work or related work due to him taking about how China is breaking boundaries. Here is what he all had to say so far.

Packing for China!See you tomorrow you ancient land breaking the barriers of the 21st century!Cant wait to go back!!!

Inky black Early morning over my beloved Lake Ponchartrain-a quiet drive starting my commute to the Far East-China here I come

It is great that he loves doing what he does. I hope he can keep it up and find new ways to support his cause. It is just a shame though, that it seems like that has overtook his acting career. I get the feeling that whenever his show does end one day, he will shift his full time focus. So it is bitter sweet to see his successes, even though we are proud of him.

How do you feel about Ian Somerhalder’s focus on the eco side of things?

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