Demi Lovato: No One Is Bring Me Down


Demi Lovato is entering 2014 fully ready to take on her critics. She proudly announced that 2014 will be her year of music, health and strength. Of course she then got some not so nice words and she decided to respond to them with these sassy words about how she will not let them bring her down. Here is what she wrote via Twitter.

Haters can only bother you if you aren’t doing anything to prove them wrong. I can’t sing? I’m singing on the treadmill and practicing my ass off. You think I’m fat? I’m already in the gym!!!!! You think I’m irrelevant? WATCH THA F*** OUT.. 2014 I’m GOING IN with my music and touring!!!!!!! Nobody’s gonna stop my grind….. LET’S DO THIS LOVATICS!!!!!! #PUMPED

It is great to see that Demi is working hard to not allow people to bring her down. She has come a long way from her past and I can only hope her fans follow her lead. Just proving her critics wrong is a good concept to teach her young fans who have to deal with haters at school.

How do you feel Demi Lovato’s thoughts on proving her critics wrong?

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