Demi Lovato: I Love Ancient Aliens & Relaxing


Demi Lovato is well known for her love of the paranormal. So she has talked a lot about a show that is on the History Channel called Ancient Aliens, which she decided to share more info on it. So she shared how happy she was to catch on this past Friday, which was a Friday the 13th. Yes, it was a delight for paranormal fans who love the crazy talks on that series. Here is what Demi all had to say on the subject, along with what she considers to be a perfect Friday evening.

It makes me happy to take care of my body with food and juices that nourish my body. Self care is so important.. and so is Ancient Aliens Friday the 13th + Ancient Aliens + cozy blanket + fire place + organic food = my Friday night… And I am loving it!! Life is amazing

I am glad that Demi is doing so well and found her passion in paranormal. I think she would love to be on a show about it or maybe even a movie one day. Right now though, it is just nice seeing her be so happy about how her life is and actually having that time to spare so she has her “me time”.

Have you watched Demi Lovato’s favorite show, Ancient Aliens before?

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