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2013 Holiday Gift Guide 8 and 10 Year Old Boys

2013 Holiday Gift Guide 8 and 10 Year Old Boys

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As the boys get older, I find myself enjoying their gifts just as much as they do. The one thing that we find tough is that often they will want the same thing or we feel if we get something for one, we have to get it for the other so they don’t fight. This year’s list has a fair amount of presents and toys for the holiday that do fall into that category, but there are some toys that we specifically got for each of the kids as well.

You can watch the video above or you can click through and read all of our comments on each of the products that we have chosen for this years 8 and 10-year-old boys holiday gift guide from BSCkids. As with our other list, some of these toys were seen at Toy Fair 2013, some of them were purchased, and some of them we have gotten for review. If you have any other things that you might think they would like please feel free to add it in the comments (and share with your friends) and you can also find older holiday gift lists (when the kids were younger) at our site, and there are some classics on those lists that never go out of style. So if you are out toy shopping and can’t find something cool, just bring up one of our lists as we have done the work for you.

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