Read The First Track-By-Track Review Of One Direction’s ‘Midnight Memories’ Now!


The Sun‘s Dan Wootton is the only journalist — personally selected by One Direction themselves — who will be allowed to officially review the band’s third studio album Midnight Memories prior to its November 25th release, so naturally there are millions of people ready to hang on his every word to get a hint of what they can expect.

After traveling to a top secret location in central London, Wootton was able to listen to the only physical copy of the album currently in existence, and, have no fear, Directioners and music fans everywhere, he delivered a truly comprehensive review, including a track-by-track preview. Read it all below and let us know which song you’re most excited to hear after reading it!  Without any doubt, Midnight Memories marks 1D’s maturing as a band — taking them in a new direction away from straightforward teen pop.  Overall, the album is much more guitar influenced than their previous two releases.  A Seventies glam rock vibe reminiscent of Queen or The Darkness is evident on a number of anthemic tracks, clearly written with the band’s first stadium tour next year in mind.  Two songs co-written by Harry are heavily influenced by Mumford & Sons, in a sign the band are keen to up their musical credibility.

Solo vocals from all five guys are also showcased more than on their previous albums, with Louis and Zayn in particular being given more time at the microphone.  What do you think about this?  Will you be checking out the album when it is released?

Source News:  Teen Info Net

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