Big Time Rush Marks 4 Years Together


Big Time Rush’s Nickelodeon days may be over, but they are still together. In fact, they just marked their 4 year anniversary and they couldn’t be more grateful. The guys announced it via Twitter yesterday, which was also Thanksgiving in the US. Of course they thanked their fans, as well as share that it leaves them in shock just as much as we are over it. Here is what they shared on their official Twitter page.

#4YearsOfBTR We’re all so proud to be a part of this band and are so grateful for all of the support you have given us! #ThankYouRushers!

I am glad that they are sticking together for a while. They hold a lot of talent and promise, which they should be making sure to work with. I just think that most of us figured that once their show was over, they would have no reason to stick together. But it looks like we are wrong and hopefully they can soon enough release the album that they always deserved to make as a real band.

Can you believe Big Time Rush has been around for 4 years?

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