Ariana Grande 2014 Halloween EP Album


Ariana Grande told her manager Scooter Braun that she is going to release a Halloween EP album in 2014, and he’s totally on board with helping her with it!

Ariana spilled to the Metro:  “I love Christmas but I like Halloween more. I’m doing a Halloween EP next year. I’ve said it first. I called Scooter [Braun] the other day and I said ‘Why are we doing a Christmas EP?’ and he was like ‘Because it’s Christmas and the happiest time of year. You need to do Christmas music – you have the perfect voice for it.’ And I was like ‘We’re doing a Halloween EP next year!’ And he said ‘I am down with it.’ I’ll look dope as a vampire!” So far Ariana’s holiday EP album is awesome, so we can only imagine how cool her Halloween CD will be.  With ghosts, ghoulies and vampires all proving to be terrifying fictional monsters, Grande has revealed she has a real-life fear for her own fans who have been recently ‘killing themselves’ trying to vote her champion of an MTV award online.

Grande will release a new Christmas track every week until December 11 with two cover tracks and two original numbers as part of her Christmas Kisses campaign.  What do you think about this?  Would you like to hear a Halloween EP from Ariana?

Source News:  Nickutopia


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