2013 Holiday Gift Guide – 4 Year Old Girls

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The 2013 Holiday Gift Guide from BSCkids is here, well at least the one that caters to 4-year-old girls.  Now, while our daughter is now 4 years old, this guide seems like it is a good starting point for a year up and/or down.  There are also going to be some questions about age of toys considering some of the recommended ages may be a bit older but the toys that might have a bit of an older age have already been tested out by the family and we feel comfortable giving them the approval on our list.

This is also the first year we have Glinda Goodkids, our female spokesperson, to introduce the list as well as a video version of it which you can show the kids to see if they would like any of the products (see right below). Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more cool videos coming soon and look back at all our toy videos. As always feel free to comment on the list with your thoughts of things we should have omitted or maybe something we may have missed.

Click through the list and see our top toys in the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide at BSCKids the 4 Year Old Girls edition. They are in no particular order and we have received samples of some of the products and some were purchased on our own. We also used our knowledge or products that we were able to view while at Toy Fair as we do every year.  So without further ado click next and get to our first product.

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