Victoria Justice Confirms Role in Naomi + Ely’s No Kiss List


Victoria Justice just landed another role this year and this time for a rom-com. Victoria proudly announced that she will star in Naomi + Ely’s No Kiss List. It is loosely based upon the popular book Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist written by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. She will play Naomi who is in love with Ely, who also loves her but happens to be interested in guys as well. It gets complicated when they both fall for the same guy and have to learn to learn to rework their own relationship. Pierson Fode will join Victoria as Ely. No word on when it will be released, but it will be filmed in NYC. Here is what Victoria had to say about the news.

And it’s official.. So honored 2 b a part of this, the script was amazing! Our director, cast & crew are all awesome!

I am glad that she is getting back into acting and showing the world that she can do so many kinds of roles. I certainly hope she finds success with this indie movie, maybe even getting it picked up by a major studio along the way. It sounds like it has a lot of promise and room for growth. I just hope that Victoria can find mainstream success again soon, even if she does return to the screen in indie projects at first.

How do you feel about Victoria Justice’s newest role?

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