Justin Bieber’s Heartbreaker Reaches #1


A day after the release of “Heartbreaker”, Justin Bieber proves he still has what it takes to be #1. His new single reached #1 quickly and he couldn’t be more proud! He of course is hoping to keep the song on top to remind his fans and the world that he isn’t going anywhere or hasn’t lost his touch just yet. Here is what he all had to say on the subject of “Heartbreaker” reaching the top so far.

#1 in 56 countries. Thank you. This is just the start. #MusicMondays #10weeks #heartbreaker Let’s keep #HeartBreaker at #1 and request it at radio. More coming every week until the movie :) thanks.

I am happy for Justin and I hope he continues to see this success. I don’t think he is ready to throw in the towel and neither does his fans seem ready to. He holds a lot of promise and we all want to see this former YouTube star turned pop star go as far as he can musically. After all, he has a to give and I think we all want to see him reach new heights that he has yet to reach.

Are you proud of Justin Bieber’s “Heartbreaker”?

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