Ian Somerhalder Goes On Daddy Duty


Ian Somerhalder adopted a pet dog earlier this year and now he is set to become a grandpa to the dog’s babies. Yes, he is watching Nietzsche as she approaches the time of birth for her baby dogs. Ian is excited and proud, even though he has to admit that it is painful to watch his beloved pet go through the process. Here is what he is sharing on Twitter as he documents the process of his dog and her future babies.

Rereading my “birthing” techniques from @TheJram .Nietzsche Panola Somerhalder a matter of hours from dropping 8 little loves in the house-On puppy/mama watch-on couch next to our little pregnant one.Any hour now.A beautiful yet brutal process-reminds me-NO MORE PUPPY MILLS!

I am glad that Ian is being such a good sport about his dog. I give him credit for being kind to her and wanting to help her through the process that lays ahead of her. However, I do hope that he gets her fixed as soon as possible afterwards. That way he can prevent the process from starting all over and allowing her to be as healthy as possible. After all, that is the reason why he adopted Nietzsche, isn’t it?

Are you proud of Ian Somerhalder and how he dealing with it?

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