Help Ian Somerhalder To Make World Animal Day Be Noticed


Ian Somerhalder loves animals as much as he loves the world, which is a lot when you consider how passionate he is about it all. So he is asking for his fans help once again, this time to make the UN recognize World Animal Day. Ian who has 2 pets himself decided to take it upon himself to take on this mission and to prove that even animals deserve to be recognized each year. Here is what he wrote on the subject.

Let’s pls get animal protection on the global agenda!! #MovetheUN to recognize #WorldAnimalDay

You have to love his passion for animal rights, even if you disagree with him. He certainly does make a point to do what he preaches and sets an example for people wanting to do certain things that they believe in. I hope Ian’s dedication wins and he can prove that animals are more than just our four legged friends. If we can raise awareness on this subject, then think about what we can do in the future.

Are you proud of Ian Somerhalder and his new mission?

image source: Ian Somerhalder – Twitter

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