Countdown to Halloween With Pretty Little Liars


There is no disputing that Halloween is one of the most exciting times for “Pretty Little Liars.” Something big always happens and somehow, Alison is in the center of it. This year, it’s not about what Ali has to do with Halloween but where she is and if she is even alive.

How many days are we looking at PLL? According to the “Pretty Little Liars” official Twitter: “22 days until we find out whether or not Ali is Alive or deAd… Deep breaths! #PLLSeArchPArty.” Now will we officially find out if Ali is still breathing? That is still up in the air, as the show always leaves us hanging.  It does look like her whereabouts may finally be revealed and maybe some light will be shed on Ezra and his involvement. One thing is for sure: we will get to meet the new characters from the spin-off “Ravenswood.” So don’t forget to turn in to ABCFamily on October 22nd when all may or may not be revealed.  The Pretty Little Liars look to be in old-fashioned moods with the costumes set in the First World War era.

The episode will find the Pretty Little Liars continuing to try to solve the mystery of A while introducing the new ABC Family spinoff series Ravenswood: “Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer crash the Ravenswood Founders Day Celebration after finding a clue in ‘A’s’ new lair that Ali may indeed be alive. Dressed in their finest Edwardian wear, the ladies hit the creepy cemetery party to find Ali before “A” can. But if Ali is truly alive, could the PLLs be leading ‘A’ straight to their friend without knowing it? With Ezra lurking in the shadows, ‘A’ may be closer than the girls realize. Meanwhile, Caleb heads to Ravenswood to help the girls and meets kindred soul Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) along the way.”  What do you think about this?  Will you be tuning in?

Source News:  Teen Info Net

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