Cody Simpson Learns What Makes A Pickle


Cody Simpson might be a bright and talented guy, but he clearly gets lost sometimes as he reminded us recently. He decided to share an embarrassing story about himself with his fans, which might shock some. He didn’t say why he didn’t know this info before, but it could give some fans hope that even he is human and isn’t a perfect person like some would want to believe. Here is how he told the story.

oh my, I may feel a little behind the times right now, but I just learned the most useless yet important fact of my entire life. a pickle is a cucumber that’s pickeled.

I am glad that he feels like he can share this info, but I will admit that it is shocking. I don’t think most stars would admit to such and it might not help him in the long run. But at least we can say that he is brave for admitting it and letting the world see what he really is like (as well as you will continue to learn your whole life).

Are you proud of Cody Simpson for telling this story?

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