Scooter Braun Pleased with Cody Simpson’s Album


Cody Simpson doesn’t have to worry just about pleasing his fans, but Scooter Braun as well. While you can say Scooter stepped up and started being more proactive in Cody’s career this year, he has also seemed to allow Cody do what he wants. As well know that Cody has worked hard this year on Surfers Paradise and got the desired result from his fans. But Scooter has remained pretty hushed on it until now and Cody should be happy with he retweeted from Scooter. Here is what Scooter wrote.

still loving this @CodySimpson album. favorite song is with Ziggy Marley #Love

This is good news for Cody, especially after he worked as hard as he did on it. So this is good news to know that his own team is behind on it. All we can do right now is hope that his album continues to do well and make Scooter even more proud. After all, Cody Simpson likely wants to keep Scooter Braun as his boss and he does help him out a lot. Plus I am sure Cody wants Surfers Paradise to go even bigger than now.

How do you like Scooter working for Cody?

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