Justin Bieber To Perform in Korea Next Month


Justin Bieber is excited to be heading to Korea to perform on October 10th. While his tour has pretty much ended, he has kept himself busy with his upcoming album and planning one off shows like this. Best of all, he even hinted that PSY might even be there. While that is no promise, it does give fans a fun bonus of hope for when his show does happen. Here is what Justin all had to say on the subject.

excited to get to Korea to perform on October 10th. Maybe u will see my guys @psy_oppa and @IBGDRGN. Get the bbq ready. #BELIEVETOUR

Clearly Justin is excited and he should be. I think his Believe tour ended in the US at in late July. So it has been a good while, but at least he has been keeping up with his practice. That way he can be in tiptop shape for his upcoming concert and remind the world while he is able to stay on top even when bad media hits him.

Do you hope Justin Bieber and PSY do a duet together in Korea?

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