Ariana Grande And Nathan Sykes Break Up


It is a sad day Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes have broken up.

Although, many have thought that Nathan Sykes is just not the type of guy we see Ariana Grande dating after seeing her with her former flame Jai Brooks.  Jai was so rugged around the edges and you could never figure out just what he was going to do next. Nathan on the other hand, well you get the idea if you have followed Ariana and Nathan over the last month or so. Checkout what these two had to say about each other post break up to Access Hollywood below, Here is what the Way singer had to say about Nathan Sykes:  “No, no…we’re not dating. He’s the sweetest. He’s amazing. I have to say, he’s one of the most talented vocalists I’ve ever heard in my life. And live, every time, he’s like, spot on.”

Nathan Sykes had this to say about Ariana Grande:  “She is a really lovely girl. People like to talk and people like to create rumours. As I said, she’s so talented and her career is about to explode on the biggest level–I don’t think she quite knows what’s about to happen. She’s so grounded and such a nice person. I wish her all the best.”  Well you can say they either have really good public relations people or they genuinely are still friendly with each other and a relationship just wasn’t in the cards for them.  What do you think about this?  Are you sad the two have broken up?

Source News:  Nickutopia

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