Victoria Justice Reflects on Zoey 101 Days


Victoria Justice‘s days on Nickelodeon may be over, but her fondness doesn’t. She acknowledged that Twitter had a trending topic of her former show Zoey 101 memories, which she decided to join in on the fun. She shared a photo from her own collection, as well as responded to one that was shared with her. Here is what she all had to say about those days on TV and her experience on the former series.

OMG!! Haha. #GoodTimes #iMissLola :) “@SmileforVic: @VictoriaJustice #zoey101memories remember when ..#zoey101memories has been trending today. Miss everyone :) #Matt&I

Well, I am sure this will stir up some issues with fans of Victorious. However, I don’t think this means that she didn’t care about the cast on that show. Victoria is still pretty newly released from it and she has been away from Zoey 101, making it more likely to be remembered with a longing for the cast.

How do you feel about Victoria Justice’s reaction to the memory of Zoey 101?

images source: Victoria Justice – Instagram & Twitter

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