SyFy’s Movie Makeup Reality Show ‘FaceOff’ Returns This Tuesday


SyFy’s hit TV show FaceOff is back for its 5th season.

Featuring the heavy hitters in the movie makeup industry, FaceOff comes back to challenge a whole new batch of makeup artists. But there is a catch this season…This go ’round, old contenders from the past 4 seasons will be back to try for the title along with a handful of brand-new hopefuls. Justly named “Vets Vs. Rookies”, this season of FaceOff is definitely going to be an interesting one.  This year the show has an added twist. Instead of bringing on a group of totally “new” contestants, this year there are going to be eight “newbies” facing off with eight “veterans” of past shows. Will this be fair since the vets already know how the show works and what appeals to the judges? We will have to watch and see. The new group however doesn’t seem daunted in the face of the competition.

Each week the artists will get one or two challenges to create a special look or a special character. Sometimes they will work individually and at other times they will work in teams. The team concept is the most risky as you are dealing with some temperamental artists who don’t always play well with others.  Starting August 10 at 9PM on Syfy you will all have a chance to see the competition begin.  What do you think about this?

Source News:  Tenn Info Net

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