Live Blogging Teen Choice Awards 2013-Round 4 of Winners


Rounds 1, 2 and 3 are up already for those who missed out. However, I will say that this show is a lot harder to follow than I remember! I suppose my age is showing, especially with the fact that I am picky about who I want to win. But thus far it is going better than I could hope for. I just hope that my picks are still the biggest winners, more so than whom I think will win. Only time will tell us though. So here we go with round 4.

Teen Choice Ultimate Choice Awards Winner: Ashton Kutcher

The award was given to him for his achievements. He might certainly have earned it for his amazing resume, but I wouldn’t consider Ashton as one of the biggest stars. I personally think that people like Hilary Duff or Jonas Brothers. But I suppose it really comes so they can promote his upcoming biopic on Steve Jobs. Though it was nice that he gave a great pep speech.

Teen Choice TV Actor for Comedy Winner: Jim Parsons Big Bang Theory

Not really familiar with any of the nominees, so I am not sure what to say. The one that I am most familiar with is Ashton Kutcher, so I thought he would win. But hey, a nice change of pace right>

Teen Choice Rock Group Winner: Paramore

I like them, so it is nice that they won. But I didn’t expect for them to win. I thought Mumford and Sons would win, due to their hipster status. But I am actually happier that Paramore won. They needed it, even though they have won previously more than once before.

Teen Choice Summer Song: Winner: Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop”

Nothing new here. She is popular and she knows it. I think that Flordia Georgia line should have won in my eyes, but hey I knew Miley was going to win. I doubt she will be complaining over the newest surfboard awards that she is collecting tonight.

Teen Choice Style Icon Winner: Miley Cyrus

Predictible by all means. Her style has been setting the world abuzz and it makes sense for her to win. I just think that someone who wears more clothing such like Emma Watson or Ariana Grande would have been more worthy. But Miley has the same kind of status that Madonna and Britney Spears has.

Teen Choice Summer Music Star Winner: Bruno Mars

He has a great acceptance speech, so that made it entertaining. But once again, I don’t what to say since I am not familiar with whom they nominated with him.

Teen Choice TV Personalty Female Winner: Demi Lovato

Way to go girl! She stole The X-Factor and even won Simon Cowell over, which speaks volumes. I cannot wait to see what she brings to the next season of the show. Plus she has even more personality over the likes of Heidi Klum in my opinion.

Teen Choice Summer Movie Star Female Winner: Sandra Bullock The Heat

I have always been a fan of Sandra, so I was happy with the result. She is a great actress with so much range. She deserved to be the winner all around. So she earned that award by more than just being a funny actress, but also by showing us that even older stars can still be winners among teens.

The next and last round will be the list of all the winners, including those who were not shown on TV.

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