Ian Somerhalder Has A Doppelganger?


Ian Somerhalder sometimes has a strange sense of humor as he recently showed us again. This time it has to do with an album cover by Led Zeppelin. Ian shares that the guy in the hat on the cover reminds him of himself in a strange way. He then shares the photo, which he is right about. You can check out the cover above and see if you agree with him on his opinion. This is what he had to say about it, though.

Looking at this cover of a Led Zeppelin (In Through the Out Door) album from 1979-the dude in the hat…Freakishly reminds me of someone.Me.Strange.

A lot of his followers on Instagram thought it was him. However, it couldn’t have been him, even though it does look a lot like him. Of course Ian was likely the most freaked out by it since we are talking about how he looks. Maybe someone can shed some light on the strange photo or not. In the meantime though, we all can agree with Ian on just how it is weird to see someone else look like you.

Do you think that person could be related to Ian Somerhalder?

image source: Ian Somerhalder – Instagram

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