Demi Lovato Invites President Obama On Tour


Demi Lovato saw a fun dubbed video of President Obama singing her latest single, “Made in the USA“. While video was all dubbed and the President never sang it, Demi loved it enough that she wants him to tour with her. Of course it was said in good humor since she is aware that his job requires too much time for him. However, it shows Demi as a good sport on the topic of parodies and the like. Here is what she wrote about the video, which you can watch at the bottom of this post.

Wanna come on tour with me @BarackObama?!?! Thanks for the video @baracksdubs!! #MadeInTheUSA

I love that she is a good sport about parodies. She certainly isn’t taking herself too seriously and I applaud her for that. We can only hope that she can keep this up and maybe even join in on some future ones. She certainly isn’t one of those stars who are offended. As for President Obama, I am not sure if he is as delighted at Demi was about it. However, I am sure he would be honored to know that Demi Lovato would love to work with him.

How do you like Demi Lovatio’s reaction to the dubbed “Made in the USA”?

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