Aedin Mincks On Set With Leigh-Allyn Baker


Aedin Mincks is currently filming Little Savages with Leigh-Allyn Baker, Aubrey Miller and many more.

The cast has been posting photos with each other on set quite frequently but now the sad part is there’s only 3 more days left of filming. That’s also very exciting because that just means we are getting closer to see Little Savages.  Jamie Kennedy has signed on to the film to play the role of Fritz, and Noah Lomax – who most recently appeared in “Playing for Keeps” with Gerard Butler and Jessica Beil – will take on the role of Albie. The role of Tiffany will be played by Katherine McNamara, who was in the Disney show, “Kickin’ It” and Disney Channel movie, “Girl vs Monster.”

The film follows 12-year-old Albie who is abandoned and left to his grandparents’ in Culver, Indiana.  He  tries desperately to keep his head in his chemistry books while his older sister Tiffany glues herself to every possible social media app she can fit on her phone. Eager to get Albie out of his shell, Grandma makes him audition for the Summer Talent Show, where he befriends a motley group of boys knows as “The Savages” who stick up for him against Billy Bronson and the other talented, rich kids in town – a group to which the rebellious Tiffany seems to be attracted. And when an old Culver legend of hidden treasure resurface, Albie and the Savages use their collective interests (from bicycling and literature to Chemistry and a little cheap magic) to try and beat the rich kids in the hunt for the prize.  What do you think about this?

Source News:  Teen Info Net


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