Victoria Justice Releases Gold Music Video


Finally and at last, Victoria Justice has released the music video for her single “Gold”. The fun music video just made it’s debut today and showing the world that Victoria can be up to standards with her own music. The video which starts out professionally takes a little bit of an old school vibe from her older music videos back when she was on Nickelodeon. Lots of dancing is involved, as well as big smiles and closing eyes. You can check out the video down below to see if you approve or not. Here is how Victoria broke the news of its release.

Hey guys! My music video for Gold w/ @ColtonLHaynes is now up on Vevo!! Check it out: … What do you guys think? RT! x

It isn’t the best, but you can see strong connection to it with most of pop music’s videos today. But it is a good start for Victoria who has been working hard in the studio and has made it very clear that she is here to stay. Hopefully it will grow on me in time, as I do enjoy the song. But I didn’t expect a music video like this to be the result, per se. At least we can say that she tried to stay true to what she knew her fans expected.

How do you like Victoria Justice’s “Gold” music video?

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