Nickelodeon Orders 20 More Sam and Cat Episodes


A congratulations is in order Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande! Their hit series, Sam and Cat were picked up for 20 more episodes, according to Jennette’s recent tweet. She of course was happy about the good news and shared her excitement on Twitter. The new order for the series does not come at a surprise since it has been doing well with the viewers. It turns out that neither girl needs the other cast members of their old series to do well and that has to mean a lot. Here is what Jennette had to say about the good news.

Sam & Cat got picked up for 20 more episodes! I get to be mean and eat quality meat for 6 more months and get paid for it!!

This is good news for them! The series is just another hit for Dan Schneider to be proud of, as well as for both girls. They have been working extremely hard on this series and it shows on each episode. Hopefully they will be lucky enough to see the series go past 1 full season and be renewed, which I think Jennette and Ariana have a great shot at seeing that happen.

How do you feel about Jennette McCurdy’s show being in-demand and her reaction over it?

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  1. ashley

    July 11, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    Love it!!!

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