Jennette McCurdy Celebrates Freedom with Miranda Cosgrove


Jennette McCurdy might be a star on her own show, but she hasn’t lost touch with an old friend and cast mate. She celebrated the 4th of July with Miranda Cosgrove at a barbecue at her house. Of course they had to pose together for fans to relive their old days as best friends and co-stars. The nice and fun gesture certainly made for a fun celebration with those 2. Sadly Jennette didn’t share if anyone else from the show was there or not. But this is what she did say about the fun celebration.

4th of July barbecue @MirandaCosgrove’s!

I am so glad to hear that they are still close and in touch with each other. I think that really proves that as a cast they had great dynamic of a team. Too bad that they no longer work together, but it is the friendship that really counts here for both Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette. Maybe next time Miranda can visit Jennette at some sort of a holiday celebration? I think we all can agree with that, right?

Are you glad that Jennette McCurdy is still close to Miranda?

image source: Jennette McCurdy – Instagram

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