Demi Lovato Shares Her Love for her Fans


Demi Lovato is busy sharing things with her fans on Twitter and lately has been on a love sharing spree. So she once again decided to share her love with her fans via Twitter and tell them just how much they mean to her. She has already credited them as for saving her career and life, so the bond goes deep for Demi. But she also had a bad month in June and many fans stayed beside her and it seems like she is just realizing how amazing they are for the 100th time. Here is the short, simple and sweet tweet.

I love my fans.

Demi could have not said it in a more straight forward way than this message. I am sure many of her fans feel the same way and return those feelings, but it seems like they show it in a different way than just a simple tweet. Hopefully she understands that, but at least she is able to thank them in a way to remind them that they count. I know she must be so excited for her future tour next year to see all of their faces again.

How do you feel about Demi Lovato’s recent habit of telling her fans that she loves them?

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  1. Janelle

    July 17, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    I have always enjoyed her music, enjoyed her in Camp Rock, etc… Actually the very first song I fell in love with was Believe in Me from her first album, and I remember thinking this is a great song, and I can relate. Then after she spoke out about all her issues, I grew a whole other respect for her… To be so strong and get through all the stuff she has gone through is so Hive! And young and older people need to hear her story and know that it’s ok NOT to be ok so sometimes! I have struggled off and I. With an eating disorder, an times do get rocky-I’m not in the best mood all the time, and to see someone that so many look up to and live so much to see her struggles is just amazing! Her songs get me through a lot… She is really a Special Special person!

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