Demi Lovato No Longer Mad At Taylor Swift?


Demi Lovato is known for not liking Taylor Swift and even letting her friendship with Selena Gomez suffer because of it. But now it seems like she has come around according to her latest tweet. With her upcoming surgery for her tonsils to be removed, Demi dedicated the song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift to them. This seems to be a good sign since she has reportedly dissed Taylor earlier this year. Here is what she shared along with the photo that shows the song.

This is my last day before my tonsils and I part ways…. I dedicate this song to those little suckers…

Not bad at all, it certainly should give some fans hope when it comes to her being friends with all 3. However, I am not sure if this can fairly be said in that context. Demi is certainly one to be opinionated and when she allowed Taylor Swift to get in the way, many people were upset by it. Hopefully she is now proving that this is all in the past now for all 3 young stars.

Do you think Demi Lovato was hinting at that or not with this tweet?

image source: Demi Lovato – Twitter

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