Dallas Mavericks Allow Justin Bieber Into Gym


Maybe there is hope for Justin Bieber’s reputation! Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks allowed the Biebs and his crew to practice their basketball in their gym. The nice gesture comes unexpected since many have gone out of their way to insult the young guy, who has hit a rough career patch and needs every little bit of help he can get. So the nice gesture speaks volumes about the Biebs and his not so great current reputation as having a future. Here is what he all had to say about the nice gesture.

Playing ball in the Dallas mavericks practice gym. Thanks to @mcuban My squad are hoopers. Anyone wanna play? #teambieber That was a great game. Thanks to the mavs for letting us use the gym. #greatworkout #greatgame #basketball

Major props go to Mark Cuban for doing that, I think we all know that Justin could use that little boost. I am sure he won’t forget that kind act or the fun he had at a professional basketball team’s court. That had to be something special for him and his crew alike. Not many celebrities can say that they worked out on a professional b-ball court, other than himself.

How do you feel about the kind act that Mr. Cuban did for Justin Bieber?

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