Carlos Pena Will Be The First Big Time Rush Member To Get Married


Big Time Rush sat down for an interview with E! News to promote their show and their Summer Break Tour.

During the interview the guys were asked which BTR member would tie the knot first, and they all answered Carlos Pena.  Looks like Carlos’ girlfriend Alexa Vega had better get ready to have a ring on her finger.  Looks like Carlos’ girlfriend Alexa Vega had better get ready to have a ring on her finger.  And that’s the first thing E! News’ Ken Baker asked the band when he sat down with them before their Summer Break Tour show in Phoenix. Unfortunately, the answer we got might not be that helpful.  “We have no idea,” all the guys said.  James clarified, “I think we’re all open to the idea. Either way, we may continue to do music. Nothing’s set in stone.”

As if the release of 24/Seven wasn’t enough to keep the guys busy, they recently kicked off their Summer Break 2013 tour which includes a line-up of 35 plus dates spanned over two short months.  They even teamed up with Chef Boyardee to offer one lucky fan the chance for a hometown concert once their tour is over.  So it would seem that once the summer winds down the guys will have a chance to get some much needed rest and relaxation; but when you’re as big as Big Time Rush, what do you do and who do you hang out with?  “On the small little bits of free time that we do have, we actually hang out together,” said Carlos Pena Jr. “We are planning a post tour vacation as we speak,” echoed Maslow.  What do you think about all of this?

Source News:  Nickutopia

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