Ariana Grande Thanks Fans For Making Her Dream Come True


Ariana Grande is pretty much spending this year in total awe. She currently has both singles “The Way” and “Baby I” on the iTunes top 20, which blows her mind. She says that she feels so blessed to be living her dream and is crediting her fans for making all of it possible. With a tour in the works, it seems like Ariana will only become more amazed as time goes on to show off her obsessed fans and their die-hard support for her.

I currently have two singles in the top 20 on iTunes, I’m sorry but that is so crazy to me. So grateful, thank you!! Every little girl has a dream and you’re helping me live mine! I’m gagging that’s so cheesy but very true. A sincere thank u for everything.

I am glad that she feels so grateful for what they have done for her. She certainly has come away from where she got her musical start, which was her first real taste of how supportive her fans could be. It looks like 2013 will easily become the year of Ariana Grande and it is shaping up to be a huge year for her. Hopefully she is ready for that kind of responsibility and the downfalls that come with it.

Have you downloaded both of her singles yet?

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