Victoria Justice’s Gaming Addiction


You might assume that Victoria Justice is a girly-girl who would not love video games, but she is a gamer at heart! She shared while being on tour, she decided to start playing the classic game Ms. Pacman and she loves it. She calls it her addiction and has a desired level to reach within her tour, which has only being going on for a week now. Here is what she had to say about the classic game.

I just got to the pear level on Ms. PacMan!!! I wanna get to banana sooo bad. I must stay strong. I’ll get there. #TourBusAddiction

It is great news hearing that Victoria is having a blast with the game. I would have never pegged her as a gamer, but it is always good news hearing about celebrities who enjoy their video games. Maybe she can help break the much needed to disbanded stereotypes on gamers out there. I think that would be great, even though it would be a huge job on her end. Oh well, we all can enjoy knowing that she does have fun being a little bit of a geek!

Did you know Victoria Justice was a gamer or not?

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