Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Dance Moves At The CMT Music Awards


Taylor Swift attended the CMT Music Awards with her brother Austin Swift this year. Taylor performed her hit song ‘Red’ at the CMT Awards last weekend, but even when she was in the audience, she was having a blast.  For her ‘Red‘ performance, she was all glammed up in a red and black dress and took charge of the stage! While she was in the audience she wore an elegant beige dress and was super energetic during the rest of the show. During the event, she sat with her brother Austin! 

For Florida Georgia Line’s performance of ‘Drive’ she danced and acted out the lyrics to the entire song.  When Florida Georgia Line performed their hit single “Cruise” Taylor showed off her seriously awesome dance moves for the audience.  In addition to posing for this sexy flamenco dance portrait, she was seen dancing in the aisles during the night’s performances.  The former winner appeared delighted to let others take the glory too, jumping out of her seat and cheering every time a winner was announced.

Watch the video below to see Taylor Swift dancing at the CMA’s. Let us know what you think of her moves in the comment section!

Source News:  Disney Dreaming

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