Olivia Holt Announces She Is Still on Kickin It

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Despite of yesterday’s news about Olivia Holt landing her own series I Didn’t Do It, she confirmed she is still attached to Kickin’ It. It will remain to be seen if it will be granted a fourth and finale season, but if so it seems like Olivia wants her fans to know that she will remain on it. She tweeted the following statement thanking fans and supporters who congratulated her on her own show.

been on set all day..
thanks so much for all the love & support. super excited about, i didn’t do it. & don’t worry, i’m still kickin it :)

This should please some fans who were concerned that Olivia would be leaving the series behind. Right now the third season is in production and is airing, but no final word on if the typical fourth and final season is planned. Either way, it shouldn’t matter much to Olivia who is busy with her own show now. It could be her big break through for her career, while also a chance to show off that she can lead a series. However, no matter what does become of Kickin’ It in the future, at least we know that Olivia Holt is dedicated to it through the end.

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