Miley Cyrus Admits To Taking Selfie Style Photos


Miley Cyrus might be an iconic star, but even she cannot help but take photos of herself. Miley shared a photo of what looked like someone else taking a pic of her, but in reality she was using a mirror. She later on admitted to it with a fun tweet about being caught, but it was all done in good taste. This is what Miley all had to say about the fun photos and the process of taking the photos.

Busted taking selfies

It is great seeing that she is being a good sport about it. I am hoping that she can continue on this more side that shows her as a down to earth star. It is far better than her tougher than rocks theme she has been pitching since her comeback. It fits her far more and also reminds her fans of her younger days where fans knew her better than they know the new Miley.

How do you feel about Miley Cyrus admitting new things that do not go with her “fearless” attitude?

images source: Miley Cyrus – Twitter

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