Cody Simpson Koala – Build-A-Bear

Cody Simpson Koala

Build-A-Bear and Cody Simpson have teamed up to give us a Koala that will be available later this month. You can turn the furry koala into a super Cody Simpson fan by adding a sound and a shirt and you can find all of that information below.

Fans of all ages will go crazy for the new Cody Simpson Koala ($22) from Build-A-Bear Workshop® and brand ambassador, Cody Simpson. Available June 28, this Koala is full of love from Cody Simpson, with a heart-shaped belly and Cody’s autograph on its paw. Guests can turn any furry friend into the ultimate fan with a Cody Simpson bear-sized tee ($7) and the “Wish U Were Here” sound ($7) performed by Cody Simpson. The Cody Simpson Koala and a variety of clothing and accessories are available at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores nationwide and®.

Cody Simpson Koala (3)

Cody Simpson Koala

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