Big Time Rush Hosting Tour Poster Contest


With what is perhaps one of Big Time Rush’s last tours ahead of them, they are craving fan interaction. So they decided to host a tour poster contest for fan interaction. They just made the announcement, which appears to be only on their side at this time. However, the contest won’t be small at all! It will have three winners with each one taking home money and a Big Time Rush prize pack. You can read all the info at Creative Allies and hear more about it in the video down below.

This is the band’s announcement tweet-

Rushers! Who’s interested in designing a tour poster for our @SummerBreakTour with @VictoriaJustice?

Those prizes make the contest very tempting, especially for those wanting a load of Big Time Rush prizes. Those boys are certainly going big this time and I am really happy that they are. It seems like a great way to thank their fans for their support through out the years. However, I am still hoping that they stay active in the music scene as a band. I don’t see a valid reason not to do that when they want out of their way to prove themselves as serious singers. It would be a huge lost for them and their fans alike.

How do you feel about their contest and big support tour for this album?

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  1. Melissa Marie Malone

    August 11, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    my wish is to meet my favorite boy band in the world and that is BTR

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