Bella Thorne to Star in Romeo and Juliet Remake


There is some big news for Bella Thorne fans. Not only is the Disney starlet currently filming Blended, her first big screen role but now the actress is set to star in a modern day remake of the classic Shakespearean tale, “Romeo and Juliet.”

Bella Thorne has signed on for the new film that’s currently in preproduction.  The remake is entitled CoExistence  and is a modern day version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set in Northern California’s Napa Valley. Bella will play Juliet Cabochen, a young girl who is set to marry a successful wine mogul. But Juliet is determined to change her fate and marry her love Romeo! Romeo will be played by young actor Nick Krause. And wait there’s more! Juliet is described as a: “skilled martial artist….and seems to fly effortlessly through the air. She is eventually revealed to be more than human.”


Her current film, Blended stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, two great comedy actors and we can’t wait to learn more about Bella’s character.   The movie is about two single parents that after a bad blind date end up stuck together at a resort for families. In the movie Bella’s character has a makeover moment and to complete her beautiful look she used Drew Barrymore’s line of makeup Flower Beauty.

What do you think about Bella Thorne starring in the remake?  Are you glad to hear she is going to be in more movies?

Source News:  Fan La La

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