Bella Thorne Thanks Fans for Support Shake It Up


Uh oh, could Bella Thorne be hinting at a possible trouble for Shake It Up? She thanked her fans for making this past Sunday one of the best ones for Disney and her show. We know that the show went on break and it has yet to be officially renewed, leaving some fans uneasy. But now it appears that Bella is hinting at a possible no fourth season by the sounds of her latest tweet regarding the series. Here is what she had to say.

Thanks to u all for watching Shake It Up Sunday…we had some pretty great numbers! #ThankYou #ThankYou

If the series was in danger, hopefully the latest numbers changed their minds. We all have enjoyed seeing Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman work their dance moves and personalities on TV for 3 seasons now, and we want more. With the idea of the showing ending earlier than the normal Disney schedule, it is concerning as Shake It Up has been fairly successful for the network. Right now Bella has her plate filled with Blended and a role as Juliet, so not much time left to worry for her at the moment.

Do you hope Bella’s show is renewed for their fourth and final season?

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