Bella Thorne Loving Zendaya’s Replay


Bella Thorne admitted what we all already knew, she heard Zendaya’s “Replay” a long time ago. Zendaya retweeted Bella’s comment, which of course was bragging about her best friend’s song. She says that it is amazing and she cannot wait for July 16th to come. Here is what she had to say about the great single that is well on its way to kick start Zendaya’s music career.

Gonna be honest…I’ve heard Zendaya’s song #Replay a while ago and it is so GOOD. I can’t wait for it to release

I think most of us can agree with Bella on this, even though we haven’t heard it before. Plus I am glad to see that Bella is still close to Zendaya and that their friendship is still strong. It sounds like she was holding back that info for a good while, so I am pretty sure she must be feeling glad that she has that off her chest. I just wish that Bella had more time to release new music right as well, since I am sure she is eager to sing as well. Oh well, maybe she and Zendaya can have a duet on the album?

How do you feel about Bella Thorne’s comment?

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  1. Nikkie

    July 1, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    It’s obvious that Bella and Zendaya are separating not with their friendship, but with the persona of the Disney “BFFs” Zendayas going into more dance and music, while Bella is going down the “mainstream teen sensation” road like Miley and Selena..It’s sad to see them separate to be honest.

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