Simon Cowell Didn’t Tell Demi Lovato To Lose Weight

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If Simon Cowell  from “American Idol” fame and currently, “The X-Factor” is known for anything, it is for being quite callous and rude to those around him. Recently, there was a rumor that Cowell told  fellow judge, Demi Lovato, that she needed to lose weight before returning on the talent competition as a judge for the next season. According to Simon’s representative, this report is not true.

Here is what his rep said:

This story is complete lies. Simon has never and would never, ever say this. It has been completely made up.

Despite of Simon’s history of always saying what’s on his mind, we had a hard time believing this rumor was true. Simon and Demi seem to get along great and we just don’t think Demi would agree to sign on for another season if there was so much tension.

Do you think Demi and Simon get along? Do you agree that the Simon rumor was off-base? I think that Simon’s tough exterior makes it easy to assume that he’s liable to say anything but I really doubt he would ever be that cruel to someone. I think he deserves a lot more credit than that and the fact he spoke up to correct this rumor is commendable in itself.

Demi’s next album Demi will hit stores on May 14th. Are you excited for her next album? Feel free to share your thoughts on all of this!

Article source from Disney Dreaming

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