One Direction Scheduled for 3 More Albums

one direction

One Direction is certainly a popular group and their label know what they have going for them! Last year they signed a new record(s) deal that placed them on for 3 more album. With new plans for a new album later on this year, they are also on track for 2 more new albums before 2016. Besides that and their current world tour, we now hear reports that they the boys are being paid to stay together by their label (and likely Simon Cowell). The good news that brings their fans is that they have to stay together for a good while if they wish to keep their current lifestyle going.

I am not sure how I feel about this personally. I feel like they are sort of in a trap that they cannot get out of, even though they are benefiting from it. Plus I am not sure why they need to pay them to stick together? By all means they appear to get along fine, so why pay them for that? They are already earning big bucks to record, tour and promote, right? Oh well, at least this will give their fans something to hold hope on for years to come. At this rate they might stick together as long as the Rolling Stones if they keep this paycheck going.

Are you surprised about them being paid to stick together as a band? I am, but I suppose in hindsight they feel like they need to keep their incentives high, otherwise they might get a better offer. So I cannot blame their label, but it does sort of seem too much commitment for such a young group of guys who likely want to live their lives normally. As long as they stay tied to a label, I doubt they will have that kind of freedom they crave. What do you see in their future as a band?

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