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Coco Jones took some time off for fun during a recent downtime at Universal Studios in Hollywood. She made a comment about driving a potential ride that is part of the sub-park. However, she also made sure to point out that as a Disney star she also enjoyed her visit to the adjacent park/retail area. She sadly didn’t go into details about what she did there, but we all can guess that it was a lot of fun to visit. Both LA and Orlando (along with Japan) locations of CityWalk’s as entrances to the main parks. As for what Coco had to say about her visit to CityWalk Hollywood, here is her full statement.

How would I look driving this thing, y’all! LOL I had so much at @CityWalkLA!!

I love that she stepped outside of the usual Disney parks. It shows that she isn’t someone just trying to follow what is the norm from her peers, plus I am pretty sure Universal Studios have a lot to offer that Disney cannot match. After all, they do feature many things from their own past film projects. So for any movie buff, it would be like a dream come true for some to visit more so than Disney.

How do you feel about Coco’s walk on the wild side with her visit to Universal? I like it, even though I doubt it is a real issue with Disney. They cannot fairly expect their stars not to visit other theme parks, especially when they live in areas that have multiple parks or if they are fresh on the scene. Plus it would give others a chance to meet a star from their favorite show, even if they weren’t there for official business. But hey, I guess contractually she was able to go there and I am sure some fans had a surprise of their lifetime over the weekend.

image souce-Coco Jones – Instagram

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