Bridgit Mendler Starry Eyed-Ellie Goudling Cover


Bridgit Mendler is working hard on her next project, called “The Hurricane Sessions” and her latest song is a cover! Bridgit takes Ellie Goudling’s “Starry Eyed” as her own, with piano and guitar added to help make it original. Bridgit has made it clear that music is her current focus (while she says goodbye to Good Luck Charlie) and has worked hard to develop her own musical style different from her former Disney peers. You can enjoy her lovely rendition of the song down below.

I really respect Bridget Mendler and her passion for breaking out of the mold. I think more teens should follow her, even though she may not be the typical Disney cookie-cutter star. I am sort of sad that she is nearing the end of her TV show. I still personally feel that acting is her strongest point, except for when she was in Lemonade Mouth. She did double excellent in that one. However, she seems most dedicated to her music career and I think we can expect a lot more videos and musical projects coming from her for at least the next year of so.

How do you like her cover of “Starry Eyed”? It was unique, but I am going to be honest and say that I am not that familiar with the original. However, I am sure that Bridgit is more than adequate to do the song and make it completely original. That is one of things that I feel she has shown us time and time again. We know that she isn’t someone who is trying to fit the mold, so I think that is what helps make her a breathe of fresh air. I just hope that she doesn’t lose focus on what her Disney fans want from her, as well as her more mature music fans. Balance is key to everything!

You can watch the cover of “Starry Eyed” from Bridget Mendler below:

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