Austin Mahone Reminds Fans To Pre-Order What About Love


Austin Mahone is unstoppable and rightfully so! The still freshly signed star has been working hard at touring and recording fresh material for his fans to hear. He is currently preparing for the June 10th release of his newest single, “What About Love”. With his excitement of the release, he is kindly reminding fans to pre-order it ahead of time so they can hear it on the day he releases it. It is set to be a single off his debut album, which is rumored to be titled Junior Year Luckily he won’t have to worry too much about his fans, since according to the iTunes website his fans are expressing their excitement over his new song. As for his reminder, here is what he shared with his fans.


It sounds like Austin better prepare for some crazy fan reactions at his future shows! By all the looks of this, his new single sounds like it will be a hit! Hopefully he can announce and confirm his long-awaited debut album, that he has been working on since last fall. Fans all around the world have been patient and eager to hear the big news as soon as he is ready to release it. In the mean time, we fans can pre-order and help share our excitement through social media like he asks.

How many of you have pre-ordered “What About Love” already?

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