Actress and singer Victoria Justice has released a short acoustic teaser for her cover of the single, “Some Nights” by fun. Victoria has told fans that if she can get 245,000 subscribers or more, she will post for the full video of her covering the song. Victoria is most known for her role on the series “Victorious.”

“Some Nights” was first released by the group fun. as their first single from their second album of the same name. The song has already been covered by several singers and musicians and remains to be hit. Victoria Justice recently covered it at a live show with excitement from her fans. 

What do you think of Victoria covering the song? Do you like the single? I will admit it was one of my favorite songs when it was released and I am excited to see so many artists producing different renditions for it. Also the opening to the song is a great way to showcase the voice talent of whoever is singing. From the short snippet we got from Victoria, it sounds like she did a beautiful cover and I am interested to see the full performance. Will you subscribe to the video to get the full version released?

You can watch Victoria Justice sing a short teaser for “Some Nights” below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the video so it reaches the 250,000 mark and we can get the full video released!