Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder Return for Prom in Vampire Diaries


It is easy to forget that Nina Dobrev is still a teenager on The Vampire Diaries, which places a shock value in the newest episode- “Pictures of You”. In this episode, we see Mystic Falls dealing with a prom and we are pretty sure vampire drama will take place like they always do. Best of all, we all get to see it unfold with a wild Nina Dobrev, and nice Ian Somerhalder. It will certainly make for an exciting episode, as you can likely guess by the sneak peek down below.

I am loving this season and I got to admit, I am concerned about the next one a little. With Klaus and his gang leaving, I am not sure if the series will have a resident villein anymore. In my eyes that is what made the series great these past 2 seasons was Klaus. So without Klaus, the series returns back to the focus on the love issues of Ian, Nina and Paul Wesley. It would be a shame for that to happen, but it seems to be pretty close to the reality of what could happen once season 4 officially ends.

How do you like the clip and official poster for the episode? They are nice, but it won’t be able to beat the actual story. It seems like we may have to wait to see just how prom will affect the town and the resident vampires. I doubt Elena will be much of a normal teen attending prom, which should make for a great episode. Maybe it will help usher in the dramatic tale of how Klaus and his family find their way in New Orleans. Then again, maybe not. I suppose we all will just have to tune in tonight to see the episode unfold before our eyes like CW intends for it to.

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